Nims, Olga – Millington, Michigan

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Olga NIms is from Millington, Michigan and was born in August 1957. Olga is a member of MDAA and her husband owns Nims Enterprises Inc., which is a long time spearmaker.
Olga said that Mike Holmes and Duane Steinkopf were instrumental in showing her how to carve decoys.
I have a couple decoys from her and I truly enjoy her work – she makes both workers and collectables and her workers are collectible.
Click Here to watch a YouTube video of Olga making a decoy

Olga told us that she was born and grew up In Russia and that she was not familiar with ice fishing at all until 2004. She said “My father was gifted woodcarver and I followed him on his steps I always wanted to work with wood. I try to  make realistic style and working  fish decoys.  I use acrylic  paints and all my work are hand painted with a brush.  I going to learn airbrush technique  too. I use mostly power carving techniques and a burning tool for details. I enjoy spearfishing and like to stay with my husband in our ice shanty (ice house) as long as 5-8 days on the ice.”

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Photos and info provided by Olga Nims 1-17-11

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