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Gabriel, John Anthony – Lombard, Illinois

Rate this John is from Lombard, Illinois and was born in 1949. John wrote the following;” Ever since a kid I  had a desire for folk art items but didn’t get truly hooked on folk art fish decoys & lures

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Salive, Marcel Leon ‘Skip’ PH.D. – Potomac, Maryland

Rate this Marcel Salive is of Potomac, Maryland and is a fish artifact collector and fish decoy carver. Marcel is the author of the book titled “Ice Fishing Spears”. Marcel uses the initials M.L.S. OBITUARY: Marcel Leon Salive, Ph.D. Marcel

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Ebert, Ryan – Fort Atkinson, WI

Rate this Ryan (Rhino) Ebert was first introduced to dark house spearing in 2008 thorough a college friend and his father (Mike Kitt).  Ryan did not take up carving his own decoys until early 2013 and learned some from Mike

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Jones, John D. – Adrian, Michigan

Rate this John Jones is from Adrian, Michigan and was born in 1961. John D. Jones. Michigan decoy carver and artist started carving decoys in 2005 after watching a local outdoor magazine TV show which featured a renowned decoy carver

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The 2017 Gathering at Perham a success

Rate this Just got home from Perham Minnesota and enjoyed meetings old friends and meeting new ones at the 20th Anniversary of The Gathering. Rod Osvold and so many more made the show and competition as total success for the

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MIKKO Advertisments

Rate this Shown here are some MIKKO advertisements – You make your own conclusions. If you have any additional words that you would like to add – send them to me for review.     Photos provided by John Gabriel

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Unpleasant Surprise by Pioneer-Tribune 1/9/2009

Rate this Pioneer-Tribune January 9, 2009 Craig Linderoth got a big and unpleasant surprise when he headed out to his Indian Lake fish shanty on New Year’s Day. When he arrived at the spot, about 200 yards offshore from the

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Tips for eBay Sellers of Fish Decoys – Gary L. Miller

Rate this Tips for eBay Sellers of Fish Decoys by Gary L. Miller © 2008 As a collector and researcher who has purchased thousands of fish decoys and looked at thousands more over the last 30 years, let me offer

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The Fish – by Larry D. Christy

Rate this The Fish by Larry D Christy Ice Spearing fish decoys began with Native Americans. The decoys were used to attract fish to bring them close enough to spear them through the ice holes. Styles of fish decoys are

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Just How Scarce and Old is that Folk Art Fish Decoy You’re Looking to Buy – by John A. Gabriel

Rate this Just How Scarce and Old is that  Folk Art Fish Decoy You’re Looking to Buy by John A. Gabriel © 2008 The 1980’s brought a whole new life to folk art fish decoys and they quickly joined the

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