Museums are a way of getting a hands on view of fish decoys. Minnesota Fishing Museum and Hall of Fame in Little Falls, MN is a perfect example of the value of a museum.

The fish museum is not “just a collection ofFish Decoys Net old fishing items,” but rather a collection of historical possessions that belonged to individuals from across the country or world. They are who we were and are and a part of the history of freshwater fishing. Art Museums show fish decoys as art like the Milwaukee Art Museum. The Brooklyn Museum has Oscar Peterson and many other decoys on display from the North American Fish Decoy Partners. Being a folk art, fish decoys are honored in many different genes like from American Folk Art Museum where displayed are some Gordon Swenarton folk art fish decoys are on display and for sale in their shop. Another place to stop to see moFish Decoys Netre fish decoys is the Kalamazoo Valley Museum, which is displaying some circa 1910-1930 fish decoys. Museums that display or talk about fish decoys are slim, but what is good is more and more of them are entertaining shows and displays of the FISH.Fish Decoys Net