Clubs and Associations

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                                                                             Many clubs and associations are gear specifically to the art and skill of wood carving, but only a few are truly and totally dedicated to the FISH. Great Lake Fish Decoy Collector’s and Carver’s Association (GLFDCCA) Great Lakes Fish Decoy Collector's & Carver's Assnis one of those that is a dedicated organization for the fish decoy carver and collectors.



The Minnesota National Fish Decoy Association(NFDA), which is also dedicated to the preservation of decoy carving and the sport of dark house spear fishing.Each of these club organizations provides competition contests through-out the year to promote the art and skill of fish decoy carving.

Darkhouse Angling Associations

Michigan –   Michigan Darkhouse Angling Association  The Michigan Darkhouse Angling Association actively works to establish equality of winter spearing and angling among all resident fishermen and to provide sound conservation practice of our sport.

MinnesotaMinnesota Darkhouse Angling Association –  The Minnesota Darkhouse & Angling Association is a charitable non–profit organization chartered to help protect the rights of Minnesota residents wishing to harvest Northern Pike by spearing and angling.

DecoyPedia a reference website for Fish Decoy and their carvers.

Ohio Decoy Collectors and Carvers Association –  ODCCA  ODCCA is dedicated to the preservation of our waterfowl heritage by collecting old vintage decoys and crafting new decoys, inspired by the art form of the American Decoy, made by hand, one-at-a-time. To preserve this tradition for future generations, we strive to promote the history, knowledge and creation of decoys and wildlife art by educating and mentoring adults and children. We recognize the artistry and craftsmanship of decoys and their uniqueness as American Folk Art. Fish Decoys are included in their shows heavily.

Texas Word Fish Decoy Carving Championship – While not an Association or club – He does show his championship fish decoys that are presented at The Gathering in Perham Minnesota each April.