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(formerly known as Fish Decoys Net)

Founded 2000 by Larry Christy as a collector, wood worker, and photographer.

Folk Art is what we like in the specialties of hunting, fishing, and the general outdoors.

Our mission statement is
‘Providing as good and as accurate information as memories allow us’

This site was first created in 2001 for the purpose of becoming the go-to source or the DECOYPEDIA™ of fish decoy carving. It is our hope that we meet the accuracy and quantity that is required to be the PEDIA of the decoys. Today, (2017) we are expanding to include bird decoy artist that make bird decoys and sporting artist’s work.

DecoyPedia is an in-progress website – meaning that as information becomes available it is be posted or updated. This site is for the distribution of  knowledge on decoys, both bird and fish decoys, and for the researchers, carvers, gazers and collectors.

It is our hope that you enjoy the site as much as we have creating. Please use the Decoy-Pedia website for research and enjoyment of the craft art.

Your comments and information are always welcomed and, if possible, I will reply.

Use our CONTACT US form to make sure your information is not lost in the spam collections systems of email.

We do not do identification or appraisals. If you are an appraiser of bird or fish decoys let us know.

I, Larry Christy, personally own this site and the information on this site is © copyrighted by myself or others that have contributed the information and photos on this site may not be reproduced in any form with out the expressed written permission of me or the original owner. Email me your permission requests – be specific what you want to copy and what your intent of use is.  Short excerpts may be used to complete a review of the site or for news release. If excerpts are used then it is required that credit is given by stating “The information was taken from the DecoyPedia website located at Decoypedia™ .

 Fish Decoys Net  Now is Decoypedia

Fish Decoys Net is Now Decoypedia