Reference MaterialDecoyPedia™ (DP) gathers the mountains of information from many sources to bring and share with you so you can do in-depth research on a carver and their fish or birds.

Much of my research and references come from the material listed below and from the carvers themselves as well as time consuming Internet searches and from private collectors who maintain some of the largest collections of fish decoys in the world. The few museums that have realized that fish decoys are a true folk-art and that they are very important culture art and any information about them, are in very short supply. They are starting to create exhibits and other reference materials to show others what fish decoys are all about.

The Kimball family, Steven Michaan, Ben Apfebaum, Eli Gotleb, Mark Greenig, Gary Miller and Tim Spreck seem to be the leading researchers and prolific writers about decoys and carvers. My hat is off to them for their contribution to furthering the understanding of the FISH. 

Some of those individuals that have helped enhance the FISH: Brad, Scott, Art Kimball via The Fish Decoy via Volumes I, II, III, Mark Greenig, Ben Apfelbaum, Eli Gotleb, Steven  Michanm, Anthony Hillman, Tim Spreck, Thayne Johnson, Rod Osvold, Bruce Dixon, Ronald J. Fritz and Donna Tonelli, Tim Spreck, Gary Miller.

Gary Miller, John Gabriel, Bruce Dixon, Rod Osvold, Frank Baron and Ron Deiss have made major contributions in the material that I am able to provide on this website. Many others have made their contributions also far too many to list, but I thank them all.

The reference materials are broken by sections to help simplify searches. Bibliography List,  Books, Newspapers, Magazines articles, Video and other when the info just does not fit anywhere else.

We at DecoyPedia thank the carvers the most for keeping the art of fish carving alive and well.

If you have or know of a reference item that is not listed here, please submit your information.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Larry Christy, Owner/Operator of DecoyPedia™
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