MIKKO Advertisments

Shown here are some MIKKO advertisements – You make your own conclusions.

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Photos provided by John Gabriel (folkartfishdecoys@sbcglobal.net)

Hi Larry, Here’s some Ads from Mikko fish decoys from 1995. Thought you’d might like to see some of his old Ads.  I also included a receipt for 5 of his fish decoys I found last month.  Back in the early to mid 1990’s I purchased any and every folk art fish decoy I could find. Unfortunately back then I was more interested in quantity and not quality. I ended up with a box load of artificially aged decoys that were either  priced low enough to keep or too hard to return through the mail.   Now I’m trying to match up five of these decoys with the Mikko receipt. 1995 is farther back then my memory goes but when I feel I got the five correct ones, I’ll send you a pic.


Thanks John – you do us all good with the MIKKO info you provide.

And as always – in the antique/folk art market – buyer beware – know your seller – ask questions – get a money back guarantee –

Learn about Fish Decoys by visiting the different links here in this site and the other websites, Read, Read, Read what you can lay you hands on. See the Reference Book section on this site and on others. Best of all go to the shows see first hand what true fish decoys are, meet the carvers and other collectors – go spearing to learn about the action of the fish decoy and last but not least – ASK QUESTIONS.