Christy, Larry D (Alias Fishcritter)

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Larry D Christy
Collector, Woodworker, Photographer, Web Host

Larry Christy was born in 1949 in downstate Illinois in an area called Little Egypt. Little Egypt is surrounded by many lakes like Rend Lake, Crab Orchard, Carlyle, Kincaid, Cedar Lake and large hilly wooded areas and just North of the Shawnee National Forest and Cache River Basin. The land lies between the mighty Mississippi and the grand old Ohio river.

Larry created Fish Decoys Net at in 2001 and now in 2017 Decoypedia is the evolution of Fish Decoys Net. Decoypedia at replaced the Fish Decoys Net site so I could expand the coverage of decoys from fish decoys to add duck, geese, and shore birds and other sporting collectibles items.

Larry is the webmaster of this website

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August 5, 2007

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