Philips, Austin ‘Woody’ – Tampa, Florida

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Austin came on the decoy world a couple years ago (2015) and has done well in his carvings. He is leaving an impression on his decoys for others to see. He hails from Tampa, Florida and you can contact him at or 727-729-9681.

He got started after a trip to Minnesota to visit my Father and spend a day ice fishing on Lake Waconia. He said he observed some people spear fishing with ice fishing decoys and was amazed at the ability of the decoy while it swam in circles with aid of the fisherman at the other end. At first he thought they were motorized and then realizing it was a combination of skill of the carver and aerodynamics of the carving itself and seeing the product which it attracted; He was hooked.

His mentors have been his father and troy and Patty Helget, Rod Oswold and Larry Lange.  He used any wood he can get his hands on and prefers white pine. He hand paints and air brushes in acrylics.

Austin belongs to the NFDA – National Fish Decoy Association.

His father carved and collected shorebirds and other wood carved whimsy, so he was surrounded by unique carvings.

He wrote that joining and competing at the Gathering has been an inspiration and helped him grow within the carving industry. He always complements the carvers and folks that compete at Perham and enjoys being around them.


2015 Competition Sockeye that won 5th Place at the Gathering

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