Winnie, Albert “Bert” – Traverse City, Michigan

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[gallery_bank type=”images” format=”masonry” title=”false” desc=”false” responsive=”true” display=”all” sort_by=”random” animation_effect=”” album_title=”false” album_id=”493″] Winnie was from Traverse City, Michigan.

Albert ” Bert” Winnie, c. 1905
Photo courtesy of Gary Miller, Michigan
If you have this magazine – it contains an article on the Winnies.
Miller, Gary L.  “The Winnies, Traverse City’s First Family of Fishing.”  NFLCC Magazine, Vol. 16 No. 2, (December, 2006), pp. 20-33.  (Profiles the 5 fishing sons of Traverse City pioneer, Isaac Winnie, with particular attention given to Albert Winnie, the manufacturer of the Bert Winnie Bait Co. fish decoys and Stump Dodger lures and Arthur Winnie, world famous fly tier lots of pictures).

Bert Winnie (standing) with his brother Art (seated) about 1934.
Photo courtesy of Gary Miller – Michigan

Photo Above provided by Fritz Scott

When you find decoys in this conditions it normally means that they have been heavily used and are good fish decoys for a spearer. We can not always get great pictures for display here without the help of a lot of you out there. Thanks for your submissions.

Photos Courtesy of eBay ID: comdcoys
Frank Baron

Photos of red decoy courtesy of eBay ID jennken1970 part of Kent Brewer Collection.

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