Wilson, John “Lefty” – Handcock County Illinois

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John “Lefty” Wilson was born in 1949. Growing up in Hancock County, Illinois, Wilson’s formative years were spent listening to his dad’s foxhounds and hunting over the family beagles and bird dogs. Lefty spent all the time he could on the Mississippi River hunting, fishing and exploring. Wilson’s love for the outdoors has provided him with a rich appreciation for the forces of nature and wildlife. After earning his BS degree in art education, Lefty worked for the State of Illinois Dept. of Education as the graphic artist and art consultant. Wilson and his team serviced the State of Illinois Media Development Center of the Illinois State Gifted Education Program.
Following his work as graphic artist, Wilson decided to take his abilities to the public school classroom. Lefty taught art for thirty-five years within the Mid-Prairie Community Schools District in Iowa.
While working as an art teacher, Lefty found outlets for his art talent by illustrating for Ducks Unlimited Magazine, the Wild Turkey Federation Magazine and Bowhunter Magazine. In 1981, Lefty was listed on the masthead of Bowhunter Magazine and has illustrated for the magazine regularly ever since. Since the mid eighties Wilson has filled commissions, illustrated books and produced large murals to satisfy his artistic need to create.
Wildlife art has long figured large in Wilson’s work. Not surprisingly, Lefty works with a wide variety of subject matters. As a teacher, Lefty worked with a broad range of media, but as a working artist Wilson narrows his choices of media to four main passions. They are drawing, painting with acrylics and watercolors and carving in wood.
Over the last thirty-five years Lefty has had numerous shows and exhibits. Now Wilson’s time is devoted to his family and artwork.

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