Weed, Jim – Marlboro, MA

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Jim Weed is from Marlboro, MA and was born in 1965.
Jim has been  been doing Taxidermy for 15 years and carving lures all of his life. Fishing and fish are a big part of Jim’s life. Jim told me that he is very new to fish decoy carving and his biggest inspiration was Tony Hughes. Whenever Jim saw how realistic these decoys looked the bug hit him hard he started to make his own. Jim went on and stated that “of course I’ve got a few of Tony’s decoys.”  Jim’s went and said “my decoys are made of basswood tupelo and some smaller old school style are from yellow pine, for me there’s never enough time to be making something new so I build whenever I can. I love decoys they are like toys or puppets to me ,just like a favorite fishing lure I hang and place them everywhere in my home.”
When Jim was asked about contest or organizations he belongs to, he replied ” I may join an organization sometime,and try my hand at a contest someday, I would like to go to the gathering someday which Jim sure most of you know is a great big get together and competition about decoys,I hope I make it.”
Jim’s fish does take on a look of Tony Hughes, but with his own flair in design.  His FISH are one to collect.

You can contact Jim at  barbgateway@yahoo.com

Info & Photos courtesy of Jim Weed.

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