Victor, A. – Marquette, Michigan

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A. Victor (See Warning Below)

These decoys are reported to be by A. Victor, but research has not identified this name of a person living or deceased from the Marquette MI area and I would recommend extreme caution if someone is offering an A. Victor decoy.

This was the statement made by the seller of these items on eBay when these two decoys were offered.
A. Victor is from U.P. Michigan – I have been told that he is a well known carver in his area. The 2 photos shows the extremes the carvers have. The lower decoy is a pure worker and the top could be a worker or a show piece. The top decoy may actually be a Jim Wregglesworth from Area 2 circa 1980s. (See Fish Decoy Volume 3 page 71)

This is the reply that I received when I asked the seller on eBay about the top item and who A. Victor is.
“Hello Larry, all I have on A. Victor is follows: He lived in Marquette MI. most of his life. All his family have past on. (I do know all the old timers said he could catch fish when nobody else could). The information was given to me from a man I bought a A. Victor decoy from. The man was also from Marquette.”
(Ron Walker Note Ron Walker also purchased 2 decoys with A. Victor’s name and is not the seller.

Photo courtesy of Ron Walker

Photo from Larry Christy’s Collection
Even though this decoy is marked A. Victor – This type of action is sometimes a seller’s trick to sell a decoy by creating a named carver.

The statements on this page is my opinion and my opinion is just that – My Opinion.
If anyone has a opinion about this information on this page with traceable proof – then let me know and I may change my opinion.
Larry Christy, Webmaster, Fish Decoys Net

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