VanSlambrouck, John – Wetmore, Michigan

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John was born in 1953 and lives in Wetmore, Michigan.

John Wrote: “I got started with an interest in Duck decoys because of my passion for hunting Ducks and Geese. I took some Duck decoy carving classes from Wildlife artist and carver Clark Sullivan. (Wildlife wood carvers) TV series. I have just in the past year started carving Fish decoys and have a difficult time putting one down after I start it. I am trying different ways of painting fin placement and materials, but I am in need of info on proper weight placement.” John wrote: “I started out carving duck decoys a few years ago and recently got interested in fish decoys, jigging sticks and spearing. I look at other carvers work,read articles on the subject. I am currently not a member of any Decoy organizations but I plan to become one, I have also never been to a show or competed but I would like to in the future. I am planning to attend the decoy show in West Branch Michigan this April 2010.”
John went on to say “I have also dabbled in Taxidermy mostly Birds and Fish,Painted on canvas mostly wildlife and flowers,carved antler burrs and woodspirts on Cottonwood Bark”

His Email Address:
You can reach him at
PO BOX  216
Wetmore, MI 49895

Pictures provided by John VanSlambrouck

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