Svare, Cathy – Detroit Lakes, Minnesota

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Cathy is from Minnesota and was trained under John Jensen. Her decoys not only swim but are very pleasing to collect. Some of her decoys are whimsical and I believe just for the collector.  Cathy produces a quality looking decoy and her father “Arlen Svare – winner of the Living Legend Award” states that they swim good also.
After writing a note to Arlen Svare (Cathy’s father) he wrote back) with the following about Cathy.
My question to Arlen was is Cathy Svare a close relation to you?
Arlen wrote ” Cathy is my daughter – I have 3 and she is the oldest one. She lived 20 years in Japan and she and her 3 children are fluent in that language. When she returned to the U.S. she saw my fish carving and took up the craft, becoming an apprentice to John Jensen, subsidized by the state of MN art program. In many ways she is a better carver than I am but doesn’t do very many because of other demands on her time. Hope this helps. She lives in Detroit Lakes too. Arlen”
Cathy is a John Jensen’s Minnesota State Apprentice 2001-02 and received a $3000 scholarship to learn traditional non-machine fish decoy carving. She has received many awards and sells every decoy she makes. As she told me “normally before they are finished”. She has been written up in different magazines and publications and Cathy is the first woman to receive a grant by Minnesota’s State Arts Board in Fish Decoy carving.
You can contact Cathy at

Photos provided by Tim Spreck –
eBay ID: fishdecoy
Additional info provided by Cathy “Svare” Oehler

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