Seeley, Mike – (MikeDaPike) Kalkaska, Michigan

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[gallery_bank type=”images” format=”masonry” title=”false” desc=”false” responsive=”true” display=”all” sort_by=”random” animation_effect=”” album_title=”false” album_id=”97″] Born in 1965, Mike Seeley (aka -MikeDaPike) hails from Kalkaska, Michigan and is an avid fisherman and prolific fish decoy carver. Mike has been fishing since he was about 5 years old and he fished with his father.  He Recently became handicapped and can not go out and enjoy the fishing life as he once could. Hence the idea of carving and getting ready for the day that he can go out fishing again.  Mike states that” It keeps me close to my love of fishing as I can get. I spend my days learning, admiring, carving and painting with my point of view on fishing. I hope that my decoys bring as much joy to my collectors as they do me.”

Mike started carving decoys when he became injured and disabled. He had always wanted to carver, but always seemed to be too busy with fishing and working.  On a whim, Mike began carving and was instantly “hooked”. (excuse the pun) Carving became therapeutic and took his mind off the pain from my injury. As of 2006, Mike has been carving for under a year now and he informs me that he will probably do this till the day he dies. His enjoys what he does and gains great pleasure from those who collect and use my decoys.

Mike mainly carves fish found in Northern Lower Michigan and patterns from the fish that he has caught over the years, which he is familiar with. Every now and then Mike venture s outside of the known box just to see if he can or if it’s a request from a collector. All of Mike’s decoys are one of a kind. His favorites to carve are Brook Trout and Pike. He makes decoys both directed towards the ice spearer and most recently the folk art collector.
Mike says ” I am continually inspired by some of the old greats and respect others in my field. Art is individual and I believe everyone has their own touch.”
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Mike “MikeDaPike” Seeley
756 Kettle Lake Rd.
Kalkaska, Michigan 49646

Information and Photos Submitted by Mike Seeley

Mike Seeley
Photo provided by Mike Hale – Cadillac, Michigan

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