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Spotlight Fred & Jo Anne are true partners in their venture of carving, Fred carves and Jo Anne paints. They do specie level of trout as well as bears and other carving items. Their decoys are of the highest quality …

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David Beighley also known as “TOG” or “The Old Guy’.(1938-2012) The Beighley family has been active in spear fishing and decoy carving for several generations. See David C. and Chris Beighley listings. David H. Beighley, 74 of Underwood died in …

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Ralph Bargo Carver Ralph Bargo was born in 1927 and was raised in Globes, Michigan. He now lives in the Grand Rapids area of Michigan. Ralph was a millwright for GM in Michigan and he was also a race car …

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Whimsical is in reference to  a type of fish decoy that may or may not look like a fish or anything else but is a fun decoy. Some Otis Lael’s whimsical decoys.

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Hard Water is a slang for Ice. Walking on water refers to walking on ice.

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Upper Mississippi Wildlife and Fish Refuge:  the nation’s first sanctuary for fish; established by Congress on June 7, 1924 and located between Upper Mississippi River Miles 502.8 to 763.3 (260.5 total miles).

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Upper Mississippi and Lower Missouri Rivers:  the Upper Mississippi River extends from the mouth of the Ohio River to Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, Upper Mississippi River Miles 0 to 866 (866 total miles).  The Lower Missouri River extends from its mouth …

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Upper Midwestern Great Lakes regions is Ontario, Canada and Northern Illinois, northern Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota in the United States.

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Items to make the fish fins with: Tobacco Tins were used by many carvers to make the fins on the fish decoys. Some carvers still follow the old way of using tobacco tins. Other items like soup cans or really …

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Texas World Championship is a section of class or classes of ‘The Gathering’ fish decoy contest held each April in Perham Minnesota. Bryan Tindall of Texas with the help of Rod Osvold created this spoof contest class of fish decoys. …

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