Miller, Edward “Ed” – St. Clair Michigan

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Edward Miller is from Saint Clair, Michigan and was born in 1917.
An excerpt from Richey, George. Made in Michigan Fishing Lures II. Honor, Michigan: Published by George Richey, 2000. pg. 125, copyright 2006 by Gary L. Miller and Terry McBurney.  Used by permission of the copyright holders.

“Miller Pencil Plugs were made by Ed Miller, who once worked for Steve Oravec, who made pencil plugs and McGinty’s. He bought Oravec’s dies for the McGinty “wings.” Miller is still living (2007), and now carves ice spearing decoys. He made lures from the 1950’s until the present. He also made some Rapala type lures, as well as large sized Plunkers. Miller was born in 1917 and is still making fishing tackle, and some lures come in a plastic bag with a stick on label with his name and the address of his sport shop in St. Clair.”

Permission granted by copryright owner – Gary Miller

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