Mihaescu, Robert L – Saint Clair, Michigan

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Robert Mihaescu was born in 1967 and and grew up in Algonac, Michigan, which neighbors the nearby marshes, aka St. Clair Flats area and the Anchor Bay which draws hundreds of ice fisherman yearly.
His dad taught him the art of decoys being a carver himself (mainly duck decoys with the stamp: timberline). Robert gained interest immediately and began carving as early as the age of 16. Unfortunately he lost his dad a few years later to cancer and along with it, his mentor, guidance and support.
Once, his wife Lisa met and married, she quickly discovered his talent, he again began pursuing this art. We moved up north to Lexington, Michigan and his carvings are on display during the busy summer tourist season in front of our home. Fish and duck decoys, seagulls, pelicans, and funny as it sounds, we are known best locally for the popularity of his life size carve flamingos, which were even featured in the Port Huron Times Herald. His crow decoys have also shown up in a local newspaper. Robert’s wife Lisa wrote and said “A lot of times eBay is disappointing.
When taking his decoys to local shows they are bought up so fast, yet on eBay we are lucky to get a bid and no one wants to pay anything for them! We continue to list if only for name exposure. I often joke with him that he would be worth more deceased. Sad but true huh.

9751 Sandy Point Dr.
Fair Haven, Michigan 48023
eBay ID: nauticalknot
Robert Mihaescu aims towards a unique style that can be called his own. These decoys show how unique his carvings are.

Photos and information provided by Lisa Mihaescu, Robert’s Mihaescu’s wife. eBay ID: nauticalknot

Other information provided by Gary Miller of Michigan

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