Massich, Dave – Iron Range, Minnesota

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David Massich is from Hibbing, Minnesota and Dave was born in 1948.
Dave started carving due to a mining accident that disabled him in 1998. Dave belongs to the range art center located in Hibbing and he took lessons from Dale Timmerman, Jerry Adamich, Harley Refsal and others. Dave likes to carve in the Scandinavian style where the carving is left in flat planes left by the knife
Dave told me “I have sold decoys at “The Gathering” in Perham, Mn. I have also traded decoys with other carvers and enjoy their critique of my work.” Dave continues stating “My carving were also shown at “So-Ho”, South of Howard, in Hibbing, for a range wide carving show were i sold several pieces. I come from a family that enjoys several art forms. .. carving, painting, etc. ..

You can email Dave at
He lives at 216 Hematite St., Hibbing, MN 55746

Information provided by Dave Massich

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