Lemke, Brian – FDL, Wisconsin

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Brian Lemke is from Fond du Lac Wisconsin. Brian wrote me the following, “Hello my name is Brian I started tinkering with decoys at age of about 14 just playing. Some years later I found that I really enjoyed making them. I was taught by my grandfather who had made them for 20 plus years for collectors and Lake Winnebago sturgeon spearing. Many of his decoys are still around today in the past year I’ve repaired 4 of his pieces that are still being used to spear. My decoys are nothing special but have a lot of time put in to each one to make sure they are as close to real as possible. The finishing touches are a water base sealer/primer then apply the paint, eyes and there you have it done.”
Brian went on to say “I don’t belong to any organizations have received no rewards except the reward of using one of first decoys and spearing a 84 lbs sturgeon this year. No other carvers but my father and I build spearing shacks on the side.”
You can contact Brian at: bjlemke@sbcglobal.net

Photos and info provided by Brian Lemke

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