Kirkpatrick, Will E. – Hudson, Massachusetts

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Will Kirkpatrick is from Hudson, Massachusetts and was born in 1939. From the picture above, Kirkpatrick’s decoys were very top drawer well worth finding. In the June 22nd, 1992 Lang’s Sporting Collectable’s “First Annual Summer Sportsman’s Auction at Ogunquit, Maine” you can see a picture of his 41 1/2″ trout with great carved scale detail and realistic coloring. Signed Fall 1991 on page 39, plate 489. Will Kirkpatrick marks his fish with “WEK”  markings.

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Photo is an excerpt from Lang’s Sporting Collectibles, Inc. “First Annual Summer Sportsman’s Auction” dated July 22, 1992 at Ogunquit, Main on Page 39 – Plate 489

Last known address on Mr. Kirkpatrick is as follows:
WIll Kirkpatrick’s Decoy Shop
124 Forest Ave.
Hudson, MA 01749-2840
General Information provided by Gary Miller – Michigan

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