Gibbons, Kevin – Cheboygan, Michigan

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Kevin Gibbons is from Michigan and was born in 1953.
Kevin writes:

“The Decoy carving came from my grandfather-Luke Gibbons to my father Glenn Gibbons and then to me. We are all from Bois Blanc Island, Michigan which is located in Lake Huron.
I carve big and small decoys. I use them mainly for fishing Northern and Muskie. They are fairly simple in form but work well in the hole.
My Decoys are mainly carved wood with either formed tails or metal tails. In the past I formed the fins from wood, but find that metal is more durable. I then spray or hand paint them. Earlier ones were not treated but I now coat them with urethane.
I belong to some local fishing organizations, and was instrumental in restocking fish on the inland lakes on Bois Blanc Island.
I have always liked carving Decoys for a relaxing past-time. Never really thought of entering any contests, just like to make them and test them out on the fish.
Although, I own a local Mortgage Company, I have been a Great Lakes Captain for 35 years. I got my license when I turned 18 and had been working on the boats since I was twelve. I now have a license for ships up to 1600 ton. My Father was a Tug Boat Captain before me and a great Seaman.
In addition to making Decoys, I also make my own tip-ups and Spears.
I like summer fishing and have a boat all set up with down riggers and all that goes with them for salmon fishing. I really enjoy Salmon fishing. I’m very lucky to live in this area with all the different types of fishing you can do.
I included a picture of one that is half red and half white. This is my favorite fishing decoy. Works great, attracts well, wouldn’t part with this one.
Happy Fishing”

Photos courtesy of Kevin Gibbons 3/06 & 6/06
© 2006

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