Genise, Louis L- Hibing, Minnesota

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Louis Genise is from Hibbing, Minnesota and was born in 1922. A seller on eBay reported that Mr. Genise only carved 20 to 30 fish in the 40s & 50s. He gave most of them away to his friends.
The seller (eBay ID nickstuff2) reported that he had bought the remainder and was selling them on eBay (3/09). The eBay seller, Nick Muhar wrote that some appear to have been fashioned after Randall’s commercial fish. He made lead fins for a few of the fish. Mr. Genise never sold his decoys. He is now 86 years old (2009) and was a machinist and welder at a mining company.

Info and photos from Nick Muhar
other info provided by Gary Miller – Michigan

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