Factory Fish Decoys

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Factory Fish Decoys were produced by many different bait companies. Most all factory decoys command high dollar, but beware of copies.
Just a few are:
Bear Creek Bait Company – Keleva, Michigan
Blackhawk Enterprises – Edgerton, Wisconsin
Creek Chub Bait Company – Garret Indiana
Heddon & Sons Tackle Company – Dowagiac, Michigan
K & E Company – Hasting, Michigan
Lakco Quality Tackle Company – Isle Minnesota
Macatawa Bait Company – Holland Michigan
Moonlight Bait COmpany – PawPaw, Michigan
PawPaw Bait Company – PawPaw, Michigan
Pflueger Bait Company (Enterprise Manufacturing Company) of Akron, Ohio
Randall Decoys Company – Willmar, Minnesota
South Bend Bait Company – South Bend Indiana

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