Cox, Brian and Linda – Bessemer, Michigan

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Brian and Linda Cox are from Bessemer, Michigan. Brian wrote:

“My wife and I started making fish decoys about a year ago. We lost interest for awhile until I figured out how to weight them without lead. I fished with John Fairfield and his sons when I was younger. I talked to his son Dan to get his opinion on the first decoy that I made.”

Brian signs his decoys simply with his last name “COX” because Brian and Linda both work on them and he said that both of their names would just be to long to add to the decoys. They number their decoys 07/ 8 and the first numbers are for the year and the next numbers are for the ones made in that year.

Update: in 2008 Linda & Brian have started putting the month and year on their decoys (example 4/08 for April 2008) They also include a copper name-tag with their name and address on it.
Linda wrote and said:

“We began signing Brian & Linda on the bottom of one fin and will also engrave what kind of decoy the carving is on the other fin. Cox and the decoy number will still be the same.”

Brian and Linda can be contacted at:
Brian Cox
E6240 Nordheim Rd.
Bessemer, Michigan 49911

Brian & Linda’s Catalog

Photos courtesy of Brian Cox – eBay ID yoopermarket0



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