Conklin, Ray – Unknown Area – May be Michigan

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Raymond Conklin started carving baits simply to see if he could and he was tired of buying baits that for the most part didn’t resemble what they were supposed to. Ray said

“My first attempts were no works of art but … with the inspiration and encouragement from my father I kept at it. Eight years later I am getting better and learning more each time I carve. My only regret is my fathers not here to see how far I’ve come.” 

Ray offers a complete custom shop, that is if you have an idea he’ll work with you on that. Or, choose one of the many designs he has and customize that. If you like what’s already there you can order that. RAY AIMS TO PLEASE! Ray also states:

“I’ve also started carving fish thanks to Bob Hand, who persuaded me to start. This new found inspiration has led to the style in which I now design my baits. I’ve been accused of outrageously over pricing my work, well to some maybe. It takes countless hours to design, carve, add internals to paint just one bait. After all you’re buying hand-carved baits, not mass produced copy cats, no two baits will ever be exact no matter how good you are. There are allot of great carvers out there, we may not be well known now but……….. neither was Heddon, C.C.B. CO. or Southbend. “


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