Case, Harvey – Akeley, Area 4, Minnesota

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Harvey Case (1901 – 1994) was from Akeley/Walker area of Northern Minnesota and he made unique decoys.  Harvey was born in 1901 and moved to the Walker/Whipholt area of northern Minnesota in the 1920’s and lived there the rest of his life.

Harvey’s fish were noted for being a little (or a lot!) crude…he was more of a woodworker than a carver and a lot of his creations were subject to what materials he had on hand.
Harvey passed away in 1994. He and his wife had 3 sons and 8 daughters.
Well-known and liked, he was very much a gentleman and respected in the decoy community.

Harvey was in his 70’s when be built the entire lake house in Akeley from the bottom up. He could do about anything he set his mind to and was very “handy” at any number of occupations.

His Woodpecker Doorknocker is pretty crude…it is a 9″ Woodpecker on a 12″ board….the fish are rather “typical” of the two predominant colors that he made… both are 8 1/2″ in length with the “Harvey Case paint-job” that was made from wrapping an onion sack from the grocery store around the fish and “spraying accordingly”
The picture is of Harvey on his 91st birthday.

Picture and info courtesy of eBay ID royce1968


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