Bethel, Lawrence – Lake George, Minnesota

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Lawrence Bethel  (1930-2006) Carver

Lawrence Bethel of Lake George, Minnesota was one of the Living Legends of fish decoy carving.  His father Pearl Bethel and his uncle Cyril Bethel influenced Lawrence greatly in decoy carving. He has carried on the family tradition of fish decoy carving for years.

Starting in 1980, Lawrence produced fish decoys at a commercial level.  He has continued to produce a high level of production with good quality for over 20 years. His range of fish species and fish sizes carved, plus the fact his fish are offered at a fair price, make him “the man in demand” at most shows. His fish are sought by collectors and spearers alike.

When he’s not carving, he’s on the water fishing / guiding for musky during the summer months. 

Since 1983 a ‘B’  on the belly is his decoy signature.

The Bethel’s
37632 Night Hawk Rd.
Lake George, Minnesota
County: Hubbard

Tribute to a Fish Carver & Man
Lawrence Bethel
January 5, 1930 – July 3, 2006
“He will be remembered”

“Ever since I started collecting fish decoys – Lawrence Bethel’s name and decoys could not be missed when one would have discussions of fish decoys. Lawrence was one that help make today’s decoys worth collecting. He will be missed by all that knew him and those of us that knew who he was.”

See Article in Decoys Magazine – Page 33 – 35, January/February 1992 Issue. by Donna Tonelli

Also see Commercial Fish Decoys by Frank Baron Pages 55-56.

Many have seen Lawrence Decoys at the Perham show and being sold from stores and eBay, but not many have seen this monster.

If you visited Lawence or saw his truck in the parking lot at “THE GATHERING’ in Perham MN you would have know who it belonged to.

Photos courtesy of Jay McEvers – Vergas MN.

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