Thompson, Raymond Albert “Hair-lip” – Park Rapids, Minnesota

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Ray Thompson was born in 1887 in Park Rapid Minnesota. He died on March 7, 1966

Donna Tonelli calls Ray “Maker of superb fishing tackle and fish decoys”. After reading the article on Ray Thompson in September/October 1992 issue of Decoy Magazine by Donna Tonelli and seeing the pictures of his decoy, I think Donna should revise her description to Master Carver. His superb decoys are some of the best quality specie grade decoys that I have seen. It is reported that he probable made less than 100 decoys.

See Decoys Magazine, Issue September/October 1992, Pages 32-35, by Donna Tonelli.

Also see book “Fish and Fowl Decoys of the Great Lakes” by Donna Tonelli, page 273 .

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