Stouffer, Tim – Ely, Minnesota

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Tim Stouffer was born in 1969 and is from southern Minnesota. Tim got started carving fish decoys after carving top water fishing lures out of cedar for a few years. His dad and Tim collected fish decoys. His dad kept encouraging him to carve some decoys so he began. Tim said that he worked on styles and studied the history of the local carvers in Ely Minnesota and became friends with a couple of local carvers, one named Joe Zupancich and another carver named Guy Chambers – both great guys and great carvers. They talked a bunch and shared ideas and Joe Zup encouraged Tim to begin entering some of my fish in contest.
Tim said “My first contest was the 2006 GLFDA World Championships and my fish took a third place and two honorable mentions. I plan to go to Park Rapids and The Gathering in Perham and then keep it up in the years to come. I’m a member of the GLFDCCA and plan to join the NFDA as well.”
Tim went on to say “My son Simon Stouffer is 8 years old and has been carving since he was 7. He and my daughter Lucy come up with some of my most inspirational ideas and so this folk art is already becoming a family tradition.
I have begun a website that is both an outlet for me to sell my fish decoys and decoys from other carvers both old and new. Please check it out at
I’d like to thank God for giving me a talent that has given me the opportunity to meet so many incredible people who love fish decoys, Darrin Kvam, Dale Claus, Joe Zup, Chris Beighley and everyone else I’m sure I’ll meet at future shows. It is great to have something that I can share with my family and friends that is creative and takes skill.”

Ebay ID: 2ndtimothycreations
Custom Folk Art Decoys and Handcrafted Bass/Pike Lures Available upon Request.
I purchase Fish Decoys — email if you have something to sell!

Visit his website at
You can email Tim at
Timothy Stouffer
218 E. Conan St.
Ely, Minnesota 55731

Information and Photos provided by Timothy Stouffer

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