Schmid, Frank – Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

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Frank is from Mississauga Ontario Canada and was born in Germany in 1937 and came to Canada in 1957 and started carving in 1962. His carving has slowed down lately (2007) due to health reasons.
Frank Schmid’s international presence as a top-flight carver of birds spans over 4 decades. Winner of over 30 international competitions, including the US National Decoy Show, the World Championships of Wildlife Carving, the Ward Foundation World Championship and the Canadian National Exhibition Decoy show, he is widely acknowledged as one of North America’s premier artist.
Frank’s sharp eye for the subtleties of bird carving has also landed him several positions on the judging panel at a number of international events. Much of his skill has been gleaned from extensive field research, most notably, as an avid waterfowler in both the United States and Canada. Through countless hours of hunting and field study, Frank has indeed become on with the objects of his art.
In addition to long hours in the field, he has also devoted considerable time to studying the work of his predecessors and contemporaries. Masters such as Ivor G. Fernlund and Ken Anger are part of the artistic legacy that also includes Frank Schmid.
Each of his creations are one-of-a-kind. The synthesis of craftsmanship and natural authenticity are what makes Frank’s carvings so sought after. Each piece is, and continues to be, a testament to both nature and the world of art.
Frank’s subject matter is diverse. As a student of outdoors, his penchant fro bringing a multitude of different species to life is remarkable. Ducks, geese, loons, shorebirds, seagulls, songbirds and fish have all come to life in his studio.
Frank’s style is also a reflection of his deeply-rooted knowledge and skill.  His carvings range from life-like presentation and gunning birds to folk art and fish decoys. Frank’s work continues to be extremely popular. Several pieces have been commissioned for both individuals and organizations the world over.
Known for their gracious silhouettes, lifelike colors and characteristic detail, each reflects both his skill as a carver as well as an unparalleled connection to wildlife.
A natural progression for many bird carvers is to crossover to the fish decoys and become very successful at fish as well as their birds.

Contact to Frank:
2724 Barnstone Cres.
Mississauga  Ont.L5K 2C1

Photos courtesy of Frank Schmid

Frank signs his decoys with F.S.

Information provided by Frank Schmid

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