Sawitski, Robert G – Brownstown, Michigan

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Robert Sawitski is from Brownstown, Michigan and was born in 1949. He took a duck decoy carving class in 1985 and the duck turned out pretty good and my skills just grew from there and Robert expanded into Fish Decoys from there. His fish are finished with acrylic paint and waterproof acrylic spray. He does not use airbrushing except some of his very early ones. If he paints scales on his fish then he will use spray paint. Most of his fish are weighted and balanced with lead.
Robert has won many awards fro his woodcarvings and the most prestigious being second place for a pair of chickadees several years ago at the North American Woodcarving Championships in Novi, Michigan.
For the past 15 years he has been teaching (2014) woodcarving and he estimates he has passed on his knowledge to 350 to 400 people.
He has been carving for almost 30 years and now his oldest son also carves fish and fish decoys.

You can contact Robert at

Photos submitted by Robert G. Sawitski

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