Rider, Randy W. – Nisswa, Minnesota

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Randy hails from Nisswa, Minnesota and was born in 1956. He got started by carving a rainbow trout center piece. Another carver said:

“I should make spearing decoys because I did such a good job T carving. Bob Johnson from Baxter should me how to make my fish into decoys my letting me watch him in his shop at home every nite for about two weeks. He then told me I should try and carve a fish or two for the gathering in Perham, Minnesota in 2004 and see how I’d do because they swam so good and looked so nice. So I made a under 3 inch crappie and took 4th place, made a 10 inch Northern and took 5th place, and a Golden Shiner didn’t place but it’s on the print 2006 for The Gathering. I’ve also taken 5th place ribbons in 10″ Northern two other years. And in Texas World I’ve taken 20th place out of 35 fish gotten a blue ribbon and $50.00 on a Lake Trout. I also took a 5th place on a 6” Red & White Northern, took a photo of it keep the ribbon and gave the decoy to a very good friend of mine. I also took a 5th place in the Bob Johnson Invitational in Brainerd,Minnesota on a 10″ Northern.

I’ve only been carving decoys since 2004. Most of the time make them realistic with scales, gills, wood tails, glass eyes, sealed always, and five clear coats over every fish. I’ve been making a very bright golden Shiner for three years now that swims circles slowly and works very well. I won 2nd place in the White Fish Open Spearing Contest 2011 with it on 12 1/2 pound northern. It was in the water for only one and a half circles, about two seconds. My son and I have had about 150 fish in 2011 come in and hit this decoy. The Northern and Golden Shiners are the two I like to carve the most.

I belong to The Minnesota Dark House & Angling Ass. (8) years, Muskies Inc.(7) years, Merrifield Lions Club(26) years. I’ve taken one 4th place (under 3″ Crappie) 2004, Three 5th places(2 -10″ Northern) 2004,2005 (1- 6″ Northern 2006) The Gathering Perham, Minnesota. Also took 20th place (2005) Lake Trout Blue Ribbon & $50.00 out of 35 fish Texas World, at Perham, Minnesota.
I also took Peoples Choice 5th Place (2004) with my first northern I made. In The Bob Johnson Invitational (2005) 5th Place Northern Pike, People Choice (2006) Red & White 6″ Northern. I’m just starting to show my son Brandon how to carve fish now. So far I’m the only one in my family to carve that I know of. I started carving because my Dad kept telling me with my wood working skills I should be able to make something that would work to spear fish. I started taking a fish carving class but didn’t tell him about it, wanted to surprise him. But before I could finish the 12 week class my DAD past away from a 7 year bout with cancer. He never got to see any of my carvings. So I put his photo on top of a sealed tank with my first 10″ Rainbow Trout in it and my Decoys on top around his photo,
It’s the best I could do. Love you DAD. I also have a Muskie 10″ on the 15th Anniversary Print for The Gathering 2012.

You can contact Randy at rwpabr@msn.com

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