Richards, Tom (T.C)- Cadillac Michigan

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Tom Richards of Cadillac, Michigan is a carver and spear maker.
Tom is on the cover of Michigan’s Streamside Journal Volume 4, Issue 1 – Early Spring 2006.
Titled “Keepers of the Spearing Tradition
Excerpt form GLFDA newsletter about Tom Richards.
Summer 2006 Issue

“A Tribute to Tom Richards”
Excerpt from GLFDA Newsletter
A great well written (4) page article titled “Keeper of the Spearing Traditions” has been written about longtime GLFDA member Tom Richards of Cadillac, Michigan. Tom is a revered Cadillac, Michigan area ice spear fisherman, fish and ice spear maker extraordinaire, Tom’s quality custom made Cadillac style spears utilize recycled materials from old pitch forks and recycled wheel weights for lead ballast.  His hand built creations are heirloom quality, nicely balanced and are deadly on fish, and hey are very much in demand by both collectors and ice spear fishermen.

His decoys have such a distinctive look to them that you don’t have to look on the belly to see his sturgeon brand. His smaller decoys didn’t have it.

Photo Courtesy Mike Hale

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