Poffenberger, Kurt J. – Nag, MD

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Kurt J. Poffenberger
Hag, MD

My grandfather was a wood worker and and all around craftsman and did a little carving also. He showed me how to use hand tools, and that’s where it all started.
My first carving of a fish, was a muskie lure I made to fish with, and had some hit’s on it from a large muskie that I didn’t hook well enough and it got away.
Now I’m carving fish decoys! My carving is of a sucker, witch is a favorite muskie treat. I made five so far. hope you like them. thanks for looking.
I’m just a folk carver, I don’t belong to any organizations. but I did win the state of MD sport fishing tournament in 1993 for the largest muskie for that year.

My mother and sister also did some carvings but no decoys. and I carved a horse, some boxes,wood spirits,and a few other things,
Now decoys. I only sell on eBay now BY ‘KJ’

Information and pictures provided
by Kurt J. Poffenberger

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