Miller, Wad – Two Harbors, Minnesota

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Wad Miller was raised in Ottwa, Illinois during the golden age of America and he fell in love with history. He carved many fish. One of his carvings was a 36″ long voyager canoe with 12 different people who would paddle in the wind. (This was made into a Worlygig).
Wad Miller is from Two Harbors Minnesota and he owned a Museum there. He was a pioneer in fish decoys.

5″ long with glass eyes.  Signed on bottom with initials that look like two XX but I have been told by one of his kids that it is a “V” and a “A” without the line of the “V” or “A” making the W on top of M for Wad Miller.
(info provided by Ben Miller( – third child/second son of Wad Miller.

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