Maynard, Mark – Detroit Lakes, Minnesota

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Mark Maynard is from Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. He marks his decoys with a MM or signature on the belly of his fish. He also marks with a X.Bar (see paragraph below).
On April 14th 2009, Mark emailed me and spoke of his decoy shown below and how he constructs his decoys. Mark wrote “I call it my golden perch and I carved it almost ten years ago. one just like it ended up in the Minnesota fish museum I call my self a universal carver because I discovered that I could carve anything that I put my mind to. all of my carvings are all hand carved and all of the scales are put in one at a  time with a number 4 gouge. all the tins are cut out of a sheet of tin one at a time by  and with a tin snips. what else would you like to know about my carvings I am sure that I can answer any questions that you might have about them. also on a number of my carvings you will find an  X like mark off center with a bar over the top and a dot  between the X and the bar.”

You can contact Mark Maynard via email at:

Photos courtesy of: eBay ID h60rising

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