Lunka, Lawrence – Minnesota

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Lawrence Lunka was born in Brazil on September 7, 1900 and when his father died, his family returned to the homeland – Slovenia. When Lunka was 18 years old, his mother put him on a boat destined for the United States. Upon arrival he went to Cleveland and about a year later he moved to Ely, Minnesota to gain employment in the mines.  Around 1940 Lunka started making fish decoys and lures. He fished on Shawaga Lake near Ely and the three surviving fish decoys exhibit exceptional craftmaship. Two of them have on one pectoral fin on each side and the other has two.  All have a dorsal fin and a wooden tail.

Reference: Decoy Magazine, issue May/June 2003, article titled “Minnesota fish decoy makers – Carl Satre, Lawrence Lunka and Frank Minsch” by Donald J. Petersen on Pages 16-17.

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