Jungels, Daniel – Deer Creek, Minnesota

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Daniel Jungels is from Deer Creek, Minnesota and was born in 1901.
Daniel got started carving fish decoys to use for his own spear fishing. He also carved decoys for friends and family as Christmas gifts. Daniel hand-carved his decoys and hand sanded them. He also hand brush painted the decoys and sometimes added details like eyes. He sometimes used push tacks for the eyes and hand cut and placed the metal fins. He hollowed out a spot on the decoy belly and heated and poured lead for the weight. He would screw in a little eye screw on the top of the decoy and attach a black string.
Daniel’s son Peter Jungels also carves decoys and lures. Pete still hand carves and sands but he uses an airbrush spray technique to paint his decoys and lures. He does fine detailed paint and carving work by hand.
(Webmaster note – it is reported that Daniel Jungels only had granddaughters and no son – this is under investigation and will be updated at we resolve this issue)

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