Flanagan, William – Staples, Minnesota

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William Flanagan was born in Staples, Minnesota in 1917. He sold his decoy carvings door-to-door in 1935 and up to 1960.
In the late 60’s William became ill and moved to the state of Washington. Bedridden and in his last years, he continued to carve fish decoys and his wife would purchase his pine wood from the local lumber yard. She only purchased top choice without knots wood.
It is reported that he was also an inventor of a “curb finder” and soldering gun. He died in 1970.
His decoys are noteworthy because of the wild paint jobs. He used metal fins and tails with single eyelet for a line tie. The paint jobs were well done and had style.

Info & photos courtesy of eBay ID: lbjfordguy who sold the two decoys above to help the Minnesota Fishing Museum in Little Falls, Minnesota.
Larry Johnson 320-252-9525

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