Beighley, David Craig – Fergus Falls, Minnesota

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David C. Beighley is a proud 3rd generation decoy carver, (not to be confused with his father David H. Beighley (T.O.G. “The Old Guy”).  Born in Perham, Minnesota, David C. carved his first decoy in the early 70’s. He now resides in Fergus Falls, Minnesota and is an avid outdoors-man who enjoys Carving, Fishing, Spearing, Hunting, 3-Wheeling, and everything in between. David C. Beighley is quickly gaining a remarkable reputation as a fish decoy carver due to his ever-growing list of awards, as well as being featured on the Series National Geographic Today with his father David H. Beighley (T.O.G. –The Old Guy) & his younger brother Christopher.

Information provided by NFDA.TV Carver’s Corner


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