Spicer, John K – South Lebanon, Ohio

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John K. Spicer is from Warren County in Ohio from a town called
South Lebanon. His work as a furniture maker is well-known locally
and highly acclaimed through-out the rest of America. When John needs a break
from his work, he sit down and does something different. In 2007, John sat down
and made a fish decoy in the old style using a 50s era coffee can for the fins
and oil paint that is correct for that era. He named the piece “Silly

John is not a fish decoy carver by trade, however his purple
martin birdhouse broke all records for an original piece of folk art, bringing
$21,500 at the benefit auction for the Lancaster, Pennsylvania Museum.

“Silly Cecelia”
John stated that the pictures say it all. The tail and fins are from a 50s-era Maxwell House Coffee Can, and it is decorated with period correct oil paint. It measures 7 7/8”L x 3”W x 1 5/8”H and is lead weighted

Information and photos courtesy of John K Spicer and Hollee J. Chadwick (holleechadwick@hotmail.com)

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