Osvold, Rod – Perham, Minnesota

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Osvold is from Minnesota and very involved in the Perham, Minnesota Decoy show. The Gathering. National Sporting and Collectible Show.

Rod was selected for the Fish Decoys Net Spot Lighted Carver of the month for his continued involvement with the April show in Perham each year. He tirelessly provides his time and energy to make this show the very best and the best for other carvers and collectors alike.  A couple of years ago, I made a trip from Illinois to Perham and when I arrived at the door to the show, I was met by Rod and he made sure during the next two days that I was well taken care of and introduced to others and always made by him (and others) to feel like I was welcomed. Even on the last day of the show, Rod found me and ask if there was anything else that he could do.  This attribute I found was rampant throughout the weekend in Perham. Rod carves and promotes the fish decoys year round and is an asset to his community for bringing so many carvers, collectors and lookers together. From a collector – Thanks Rod without you and the Perham show the fish decoy craft would not be as strong as it is today with more new carvers and collectors that ever before.

Rod is the POC for the Perham show and you can contact him at 218-841-3566 or via email at perhamshow@gmail.com

Photos courtesy of John Cook

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