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Many folks think of Duck or Goose decoys when they hear the word decoy, but here it is a fish decoy sometimes just called the FISH. A decoy is a wood carving or metal attractor with a design that  attracts fish to a area. They are many and as varied as the carver’s imagination. They can be wood, metal, plastic or any material that will attract fish.

Fish decoy:  Carving or object used to attract predatory and/or sports fish for spearing.   Fish decoys take two basic forms, simple and complex.  Simple decoys are animated by pulling the jigging stick in the desired direction.  Complex decoys are weighted and balanced so that a swimming pattern in a forward direction occurs as it sinks and is jigged upward.  The early development of complex decoys remains relatively unexplored, although by the 20th century this type replaced most simple decoying.

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